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image1-10The thing about maternity leave for me is that I find after a while that I need something other than my baby to engage me and stop me from falling into the abyss that is pyjama pants all day and watching Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong…I love those relaxing days where I can sprawl all day long but I just can do that for weeks. I’d fall into a depression…

During my last leave I tried the blog, but it fizzled. My mind wasn’t in the right space at the time and there was also a fear….a fear of putting myself out there on the net because I’m mostly a private person.

Well this time around things are different. I’m more comfortable in my skin, and there are many things that I want to explore and experiment with.


The inspiration for this blog is my life which is constantly changing. “A Long Walk” is a space for me to share my loves, thoughts and experiences. I’ll touch on a load of topics from fashion to food to spirituality…I’ll talk about it all!

I hope you enjoy my posts and share in my journey with me!

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I'm a wife and mother blessed with two beautiful girls. A city girl at heart living in the 'burbs and this is my journey. This is a long walk through life!

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